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Nightstone game

Share: 2004
Developer: New Horizon Studios

Operating system: XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processor: Intel Pentium III 1.2GHz
Graphic: Geforce 7300
Memory: 256MB
Storage: 600MB
Execution: v1.15

Adventure in Nightstone set in a dark fantasy world where people live in a time close to the alternate Middle Ages and are forced to fight various creatures. In order to safely continue the development of human civilization, you must go out and clear the area of ​​dangerous and insidious monsters. Survival comes first, so the universe awaits heroes who can withstand all odds and know how to fight the enemy.

The story of Nightstone tells the story of a single hero that the player selects at the start of the game. There are three archetypes to choose from: Mage, Warrior and Amazon. Each class has its own skills and techniques that change the combat approach and tactics. As a wizard, you harness the power of magic and destroy enemies with powerful spells on both individual targets and the area. As a fighter, you have to fight at the forefront and take out enemies with close-range attacks using available swords or axes. As an archer, users must try to keep enemy creatures close to them and shoot them with arrows from a distance, using different types of bows and shooting weapons. The protagonist’s main task is to get to the Dark Goddess Temple to find the mysterious Stone of Darkness and destroy it to stop the tide of evil creatures and bring peace to the land.

Nightstone screenshots:

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Size: 536MB. Execution: v1.15

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