Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy Download Free

Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy Game

Share: 1999
Developer: Trecision

Operating system: 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7
Processor: Pentium 133
Graphic: SVGA 1MB
Memory: 16MB
Execution: Complete final release

Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy – is an adventure set in the fictional futuristic city of Union City that takes you to an alternate future of the year 2099. You are immersed in an atmosphere of exploration and take part in serious global problems that the main character must solve. In the role of an investigator named Joshua Reeve, the player must deal with a dangerous case involving a group of terrorists who threaten the civilian population.

The plot of “Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy” begins with the narration of the moment when Martens’ friend, a reporter named Simon Ruby, disappears. The protagonist will search for a missing person and will encounter a series of strange and mysterious circumstances that disrupt the case. You have to explore locations from third person, move around and learn details. By discovering interactive objects to interact with, the hero advances the plot and learns more about what is happening.

The game mechanics refer to the classic point-and-click adventure games where one has to inspect the surroundings of rooms and rooms, where the user has to pick up objects and then place them in the right places to solve puzzles or larger tasks. Available to combine items together, upgrade things or adapt them to the needs of the situation.

Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy screenshots:

Download Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy on PC for free

Size: 1.66GB. Execution: Complete final release

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