NetStorm: Islands at War Download Free

NetStorm: Islands at War game

Share: 1997
Developer: Titanic Entertainment

Operating system: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Pentium
Graphic: Intel HD graphics
Memory: 16 gigabytes
Storage: 450MB
Execution: v 10.37

action NetStorm: Islands at War takes place on the planet Nimbus, whose crust is in limbo due to constant battles between four divine beings. Gods are called Furies and represent thunder, sun, wind and rain. Mere mortals are human-like and live on small floating islands. Each of them is directly linked to a deity.

Four factions fight against each other for dominance. They sacrifice enemy priests to gain the energy of rage and gain new knowledge and power. The gameplay features few moving units compared to other real-time strategies. The combat system invites you to fight in an area consisting of several islands. Each location is controlled by a different participant. Factions get Zhretses units to get to the enemy unit and sacrifice them.

Collecting Storm Crystals, which are made of pure energy, harvests resources. They help create new units and explore knowledge. Each session begins with a limited number of warriors unlocked. By sacrificing an enemy priest, you can gain new knowledge about more powerful soldiers. Wards are divided into classes such as attack warriors, defense and transport units. Each type performs a different function and has the right characteristics and abilities for it.

NetStorm: Islands at War screenshots:

Download NetStorm: Islands at War for free on PC

Size: 422.1MB. Execution: v 10.37

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