Moonshot – The Great Espionage Download Free

Publication: 2021
Developer: Swift beasts

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1.6GHz
Graphic: Intel HD3000
Memory: 300MB
Storage: 500MB
Execution: v 01.08.2021 [New Version]

Moonshot – The great espionage Mixes several genres together. It’s a platformer, puzzle game and stealth. It is set in the 1960s during the rivalry between the USSR and the USA. The events unfold in an alternate timeline. In it, the fictional state of Ustria joined the space race between the two superpowers.

In Moonshot – The Great Espionage, the main character is an agent of the secret services of Austria. His job: to get his home state to catch up with the space programs of America and the Soviet Union and then land on the moon before the Americans and the Americans. To do this, you must engage in sabotage and espionage. The campaign is divided into 20 levels.

The stages themselves are structured so that you can go through them in different ways. Missions usually ask you to infiltrate and sabotage a heavily guarded facility, steal something, or kidnap someone important. During a mission, the hero earns money. With them you can buy new skills and upgrades. The protagonist can walk, sneak, crouch, hide in closets and shadows, stun people, flip switches, go up and down floors. He must dodge traps and avoid the attention of the guards. The agent periodically hacks into various objects and activates switches. The main game is diluted with short mini-games.

Screenshots of Moonshot – The Great Espionage:

Download Moonshot – The Great Espionage on PC for free

Moonshot - The main logo of the great espionage

Size: 126.6MB. Execution: v 01.08.2021 [New Version]

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