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MageQuit game

Release: 2019
Developer: Bowlcut Studios

Operating system: XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
Graphics: 2 GB
Memory: 4 GB
Storage: 1 GB

Version: version 2.4.3

Game Overview

MageQuit is a game dedicated to the Battle of the Mages. Players can participate in online matches with up to 10 people, with options for regular and team unmatches. The goal is to accumulate the most phrases and win rounds to grow the thickest facial hair and become the ultimate winner.

With a focus on multiplayer action and magic, MageQuit offers 63 spells that can be customized and combined for different builds. Players can compete online or battle robots, and the game allows for synergy between different spells to create powerful combinations. Additionally, players can earn in-game currency to purchase cosmetic items for their characters.

Besides online play, MageQuit also offers local multiplayer options, allowing players to connect gamepads and engage in battles together on a single computer.

Gameplay screenshots

Game Features

– MageQuit features intense multiplayer battles where players can compete in matches with up to 10 people.
– The game features both regular and team deathmatch modes, providing a variety of gameplay options for players to enjoy.
– With 63 spells available, MageQuit offers a wide range of magical abilities that players can use in combat, including fireballs, wind power, summoning leeches, and tsunami waves.
– Players have the option to customize their spell arsenal at the start of each turn, allowing for different builds and mixing of magic schools.
– The game encourages strategic thinking and teamwork, as certain players' magic can complement the abilities of their teammates, creating a dynamic and engaging gaming experience.
– In addition to online play, MageQuit also offers local multiplayer, allowing players to connect game controllers and participate in battles while sitting in front of the same computer.
– During battles, players can earn in-game currency which can be spent on cosmetic items such as hats, robes and staffs, allowing customization of their characters.
– With a focus on fast-paced action and magical combat, MageQuit offers an exhilarating and competitive gaming experience for players looking for intense multiplayer battles.
– The game's unique mechanics and diverse spell options provide a deep and engaging gameplay experience, allowing for countless strategies and approaches to victory.
– Whether playing with friends online or engaging in local multiplayer battles, MageQuit delivers an exciting and dynamic gaming experience that will keep players coming back for more magical mayhem.

Download and Install MageQuit – Instructions for PC

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  2. The download page will ask you for a password which is also provided in the page itself. This is to protect our servers and links from misuse by third party networks who intend to spoil our visitors' experience. Simply copy and paste the password and the game installer will download.
  3. Double-click the game installer to start downloading the full and updated version of the game. It is designed to keep you updated with the latest possible updated version of the game, including the latest updates Updated from the official publisher, bug fixes and additional game files that might be added later for a superior gaming experience.
  4. Follow the steps in the game installer to download and install the game completely on your computer, completely free and at the fastest possible speed.

Size: 324 MB. Version: version 2.4.3

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