Lilo and Stitch: Trouble in Pradise

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Lilo and Stitch: Trouble in Pradise Game

Released: 2002
Developer: Disney Interactive

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7
Processor: Pentium II 266 MHz
Graphics: 8 MB video, compatible with DirectX 8.0
Memory: 32 MB
Storage: 80 MB

Version: Latest full version

Game Overview

Lilo and Stitch: Trouble in Pradise is an action-adventure game with platform elements. It is based on the Disney film of the same name and follows the story of Lilo Pelekai and Stitch. Players control characters through levels filled with enemies and obstacles, using their combat skills and high jumps to overcome dangers.

The game features a three-dimensional environment filled with obstacles, platforms, power-ups, coins and opponents. Players must navigate moving islands and dangerous environments to progress. Some levels require collecting specific items before moving on to the next territory, and there are also times where Lilo and Stitch must escape Mertle Edmonds on her tricycle.

Players can control Lilo and Stitch, each with their own abilities. Lilo can lift and carry red explosive barrels and use voodoo powers, while Stitch can damage opponents with spits and rapid spins. As the game progresses, players can acquire items and equipment that enable powerful attacks, such as Lilo's Voodoo Spoon which summons a Sky Tourist to lunge at opponents.

Gameplay screenshots

Game Features

  • Explore the beautiful and vibrant world of Hawaii as you join Lilo and Stitch on their adventurous journey to save their paradise from trouble.
  • Encounter a variety of enemies and obstacles throughout the game, from pesky aliens to dangerous terrain that will test your skills.
  • Collect various items such as photos, communication devices and vinyl records to progress through levels and unlock new territories in the game.
  • Run, jump and navigate through a three-dimensional environment filled with moving islands, power-ups, coins and opponents, providing a dynamic and engaging gaming experience.
  • Control Lilo and Stitch, each with their unique abilities and attacks, allowing you to switch between characters to overcome different challenges and enemies.
  • Use Lilo's magical voodoo powers to attack opponents and raise red explosive barrels, while Stitch can damage enemies with his spit and rapid spins.
  • Discover powerful items and equipment as you progress through the game, unlocking devastating new attacks to unleash on your opponents.
  • Experience thrilling chase sequences as Lilo and Stitch flee from Mertle Edmonds on her tricycle, adding an exciting element of action and adventure to the game.
  • Enjoy the game's platforming elements by jumping from platform to platform and overcoming deadly dangers with the characters' high-flying abilities.
  • Immerse yourself in the beloved world of Disney's “Lilo and Stitch” as you embark on a heartwarming and thrilling adventure with the iconic characters.

Download and install Lilo and Stitch: Trouble in Pradise – Instructions for PC

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Size: 405 MB. Version: Latest full version

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