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Karlson fangame game

Share: 2021
Developer: Lahampsink

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: Dual core 2.0GHz
Graphic: GeForce GTX 650
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 200MB
Execution: v October 14, 2021 [New Version]

В Karlson fangame funny concept. The main character is Karlsson, who has only one goal: to get the milk carton. But there are many unkind people in this world who are determined not to let him have that very milk. So he arms himself and sets out on a dangerous mission to deal with his enemies and finally get what he wants. Despite the fact that the project is positioned as a shooter, it does not have the usual pace of passing with the smooth firefights behind shelters.

From the first minutes you join Karlson Fangame, you can understand how crazy the action is coming your way. The user thus moves through the prepared locations, which are connected by corridors and tunnels. As it progresses, the system introduces new mechanics that are intended to speed up the process. For example, special hooks will appear on walls and platforms to use the hook cat. This allows you to hold onto certain spots and, running up a vertical surface, fly over a ledge. Later you can combine this with the combat elements and destroy your enemies in the most sophisticated way. How about flying through glass into a room and photographing the people there in slow motion? Initially, the arsenal is limited to a pistol, but later it will be possible to get a machine gun and a shotgun, the characteristics of which differ significantly, allowing you to add variety to the passing game. Every time you shoot, the system displays the trajectory of bullets, so in some cases you can avoid enemy attacks by simply shooting to the side.

Screenshots from Karlson Fangame:

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Size: 85.50MB. Execution: v October 14, 2021 [New Version]

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