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Release: 2022
Developer: Tanuki Creative Studio

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Dual Core 2.5 GHz
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 / AMD Radeon R9 270X
Memory: 4 GB
Storage: 5 GB

Game version: [New Version]

Game Overview

Jitsu Squad is a game in which players control anime characters who must fight against an evil wizard and his henchmen. The main objective is to defeat the enemy and progress through the single-player campaign levels. Gameplay involves classic beat 'em up side-scrolling through enemy-filled locations. The game features both single-player and 4-player co-op.

Jitsu Squad features dynamic gameplay that allows players to engage in fights using various punching techniques and combos. The controls are similar to games like Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Marvel vs. Capcom II, Dragonball FighterZ and Super Smash Bros. Players will face chaotic battles with a variety of challenges, relying on melee attacks and various weapons. They can also switch between multiple characters.

As players progress through the plot, they will have the opportunity to learn over 500 chain combos, encounter unique hero transformations, use character assists, and use weapons secondary for each fighter. Throughout the game, players can upgrade the protagonist's abilities, attempting skills that allow them to ward off enemy attacks, enter a state of Fury, and master other combat skills to deal with minions of the sorcerer.

Gameplay screenshots

Game Features

  • Jitsu Squad features a variety of anime characters for players to control, each with their own fighting style and abilities. Players can choose their favorite character to face the evil wizard and his henchmen.
  • The game features a single-player campaign with multiple levels to conquer. As they progress through the levels, they will encounter different enemies and challenges, keeping the gaming experience fresh and exciting.
  • In addition to single-player, Jitsu Squad also features a 4-player cooperative mode, allowing players to team up with friends and take on enemies together. This cooperative mode adds a new level of fun and excitement to the gameplay.
  • Players will have to use various techniques and create combos to defeat their enemies. The game's dynamic gameplay mechanics will keep players engaged as they navigate through side-scrolling locations filled with opponents.
  • Jitsu Squad is inspired by classic beat'em up games like Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Marvel vs. Capcom II and Dragonball FighterZ & Super Smash Bros. Controls are designed to be intuitive and easy to learn, allowing players to focus on action-packed battles.
  • With over 500 chain combos to master, players will have plenty of opportunities to showcase their combat skills. They can also unlock unique transformations for heroes and rely on character helpers to help them in battle.
  • As players progress through the game, they will have the opportunity to improve their protagonist's abilities. They can learn new skills, such as parrying enemy attacks or unleashing their fury, to defeat the wizard's minions.
  • In addition to melee attacks, players can also use a variety of secondary weapons and items to gain an advantage in combat. This adds a layer of strategy to the gameplay, allowing players to experiment with different combat tactics.
  • Jitsu Squad offers an exciting, action-packed gaming experience for players of all skill levels. Whether they prefer to play solo or in a team with friends, the game offers an immersive and challenging journey through the world of cartoon fighting.

Download and Install Jitsu Squad – Instructions for PC

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  2. The download page will need a password which is also found in the page itself. This is to protect our servers and links from misuse by third-party networks aimed at spoiling our visitors' experience. Simply copy and paste the password and you will have downloaded the game installer.
  3. Double click on the game installer to start downloading the full and latest version of the game. It is designed to keep you updated with the latest possible updated version of the game including the latest updates official publisher update, bug fixes and additional game files that might be added later for an improved gaming experience.
  4. Follow the steps of the game installer to download and install the game completely on your computer, completely free and with the fastest possible speed.
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Size: 1.34 GB. Game version: [New Version]

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