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Share: 2012
Developer: CINEMAX sro

Operating system: XP (32-bit), 7, 8, 10
Processor: Single core 1.6GHz
Graphic: 3D graphics card with DirectX support and 64 MB memory
Storage: 256MB
Storage: 2.3GB
Steam Ratings: Mixed (338) 69% of the 338 user reviews for this game are positive.
Execution: v 1.10.17

inquisitor Is an indie project with a lot of action and mechanics from roleplaying adventures. Made in the style of old school games like Diablo, with the same isometric camera. Developed by a Czech company of independent programmers over the years and published by them without the capacity of large publishers.

The adventure takes place in the fictional kingdom of Utherst. The story begins with the signs described in the prophecies of ancient Saint Ezekiel. According to the elder, they mean the impending end of the world for all living beings. The main character will be one of the inquisitors – Maximilian Conti. His goal is the merciless destruction of heresies and mutants that have spread across the holy lands.

One day, the protagonist is sent to the town of Hillbrandt to solve the brutal murder of a local merchant. A personal killer is identified – Linda von Callaghan, the wife of a nobleman. But behind this crime lie much larger conspiracies and mysteries, which the protagonist gets to the bottom of with the help of a player.

At the beginning of a new game in “Inquisitor” there are three classes for Maximilian to choose from – thief, priest and paladin. This defines a set of skills and traits to counter evil spirits while travelling. An interesting feature will be the mechanics of interacting with criminals. They can be tortured in dungeons after their arrest, and after realizing their atrocities, they must be burned at the stake as heretics for having acted against God and the king. The main thing is not to judge the innocent by falling astray and drawing the wrong conclusions.

Inquisitor Screenshots:

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Size: 1.15GB. Execution: v 1.10.17

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