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PeaceTech Accelarator

THE PEACETECH ACCELERATOR IS THE FIRST MAJOR INTERNATIONAL PEACETECH PROGRAM POWERED BY CLOUD INNOVATION AND DEDICATED TO SCALING START-UPS AROUND THE WORLD. The PeaceTech Accelerator provides the mentorship and training needed to scale both for and not-for-profit peacetech initiatives rapidly, securely, and cost-effectively. Startups are selected based on their ability to produce innovative technologies that manage, mitigate, predict, or prevent conflict and promote sustainable peace.

California Consensus - University of San Diego

CalCon curators will gather recommendations from around the world to narrow the field to over a dozen innovative researchers from different countries who will “pitch” their projects that use technology to measure, analyze and/or respond to violent movements, including religious, economic, political and identity conflicts. These researchers/technologists are using big data gathering, analysis and visualization, mobile platforms, global information systems, social media, unmanned aerial vehicles and virtual reality to find new ways to confront the urgent issue of violent movements.