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Sharing Love and Peace through Video Games and Board Games

Junub Games utilizes gaming to build bridges between communities and enhance peaceful behavior. Internationally

I love alternative ways of engaging people and i have not never been involved in the video games but why not, because it has definitely got a big audience there and people of the right age. So anyway you can find to connect to people and get them thinking about solutions and about Alternatives to violence, we should do it.
Ambassador Rick Barton
 '' I hope that your games to promote peacebuilding are widely used, as it sounds like a wonderful idea!  There are far too many games promoting violence and war, so one promoting peace is sorely needed.''
Laura Henderson
Independent International Development Consultant

GDC & tRIAN JAM 2018

Hear from game developers at TrainJam GDC 2018 about their thougts on games for peace and conflict resolution.