Heroes of might and magic 3 Download Free

Share: 1999
Developer: New World Computing 3DO company

Operating system: 98, 2000, ME, XP
Processor: 1GHz
Graphic: DirectX 9.0 compatible
Memory: 256MB
Storage: 1GB
Execution: v 4.0 + Heroes Chronicles – Complete

Turn-based fantasy strategy Heroes of Might and Magic III has been known to the gaming community for over 20 years. This game is deservedly considered a masterpiece, a cult, a classic – call it what you will, the essence will not change. And the bottom line is that everyone who is not lazy, and even people far from the game theme, knows the third part of Heroes.

The project, released in 1999, today does not look outdated and uninteresting. Many people call Heroes of Might and Magic 3 “the new chess”. Many say it’s the benchmark for turn-based RPG strategy. Many believe that in the modern video game industry there are no direct analogues that can eclipse the heroes. What can I say if the following parts could not surpass the third game in the series, which divided not only the franchise but the entire genre into “Before” and “After”.

Before starting a game session, the user must select a city. It serves as the basis for the passage below, and the types of available creatures and key characters that are available to you depend on it.

Heroes are classified into 3 classes, among which a mage, a warrior, and a battle mage are a universal class. Each hero has 4 basic parameters – attack, defense, magic power and knowledge. The main character himself does not participate in battles, so all improvements to his army are awarded. For example, the Magic Power parameter increases the power of spells, and Knowledge increases the amount of mana in units. With defense and attack, armor and impact power increase.

In addition to the 4 main parameters, the hero has 8 secondary skills that can be learned simultaneously. In addition to combat skills, among the 8 secondary skills, there are also neutral skills that enhance some of the character’s characteristics. For example, “Logistics” increases the distance the hero travels in one turn, and “Diplomacy” allows you to recruit neutral creatures for service.

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 screenshots:

Download Heroes of Might and Magic 3 on PC for Free

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 logo

Size: 1.12GB. Execution: v 4.0 + Heroes Chronicles – Complete

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In very rare cases there is a password to the archive. When you come across it, the password is: 1122


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