Global Pandemic – End of Times Download Free

Publication: 2020
Developer: Nine villains

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Execution: v0.2.4 | Early Access

Global Pandemic – End of Times Is a three-dimensional first-person adventure, a survival simulator in a zombie apocalypse that started by chance and mistakes in good research. The player will take control of a typical resident of a town called Hoffman City, which was hit by a terrible epidemic that turned almost everyone into mutants walking dead with a disabled brain and performing movements at the level of instincts. The indie project offers players the opportunity to play a single-player mode that tells the story of an alliance of world leaders who began joint research in the field of medicine. These experiments should find an effective way to treat people with any disease, even the deadliest and unknown to scientists. But something didn’t go according to plan, the virus, which was created to destroy malignant cells, tissues and other microorganisms inside a human, became too aggressive and resulted in the complete destruction of a living being from the inside. This disease was named C2019. The player is not offered a choice between a few locations (residential buildings, streets, bunkers, lab) where he can shoot zombies by attacking waves. The player’s task is to last as many rounds as possible, get money for destroying enemies and improving your equipment. Firearms from Global Pandemic – End of Times: pistol, rifle, assault rifle, shotgun and several other barrels.

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Download Global Pandemic – End of Times on PC for Free

Size: 473MB. Execution: v0.2.4 | Early Access

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