Funky karts Download Free

Publication: 2019
Developer: Ross Smith

Operating system: 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1.00GHz
Graphic: 3D
Memory: 128MB
Execution: Complete last release

In the world Funky Karts For a long time there was harmony between all species that lived in the fictional world of Funkyland. They lived so much in harmony and peace that many species began to interbreed, resulting in many bizarre hybrid animals that began to inhabit the Three Kingdoms.

The Duck King fell ill and the Dragon King took his place on the throne. Therefore, it is necessary to take control of King Grolar in order to find the best doctors in the kingdom in 32 missions. Funky Karts about how only a hero is able to cast out the dark lord and bring peace and tranquility to the world of Funkyland.

During the game you have to keep checking your agility, reaction and accuracy. Transport behaves in a weird way, jumping over platforms or pushing off from one steep wall to another and climbing up. It is necessary to use the car as a cannonball, fly out of a barrel, etc. There are many obstacles to overcome, friends and healers to free in order for the King of Ducks to get back on its feet and lead all three kingdoms to prosperity.

Funky Karts Screenshots:

Download Funky Karts on PC for free

Funky Karts logo

Size: 58MB. Execution: Complete last release

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In very rare cases there is a password to the archive. When you come across it, the password is: 1122


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