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Publication: 2012
Developer: Square Enix

Operating system: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz, AMD Athlon 64 2400+
Graphic: GeForce 6600 GT / Radeon X1300
Memory: 1GB (XP) / 1GB (Vista / 7)

Execution: Complete last release

A game Last fantasy 14 did not become a direct heir of the previous parts, although the MMORPG has a similar design and gameplay. The player chooses a ward from 5 existing races, consisting of 2 tribes, which can be customized by choosing appearance, hair color, eyes and more. Pumping is performed when plotting and page liquidation tasks are performed. The hero’s armament determines his class: combat – followers of war, who have a heavy weapon and magic with magical abilities, and peaceful – followers of craft – artisans and earthen, engaged in gathering resources.

Available breeds to choose from:

  • Huir – earlier its representatives were numerous, but when the capital of Ala Migo was destroyed, this changed. They are humanoid and live in the mountains and heart of Eorzia.
  • The Miko’the are feline hunters divided into the clan’s night-watchers of the moon and day-sunseekers. They are active at the appropriate time of day.
  • Lalafel are thermophilic farmers, short in stature and with excellent hearing. Divided into 2 groups – one lives in the desert, the other in the fields.
  • Elezen are the formerly dominant race of Eorzia, consisting of two types – the forest dwellers and the shadow dwellers, whom they despise. Differs in a tendency to steal.
  • Rogadin are tough seafarers from the North Sea. Consists of the Guardians of Hell who live near its gates – the volcano – and the Sea Wolves – pirates in the past turned seafarers.

The action takes place on the mainland of Eorzei on the planet Hydelin. The mainland is divided into 3 dominions – Gridania with forests, led by the Ul’Da Sultanate, Sharlayan, where scientists live, and the Garlean Empire with advanced technology, which decided to conquer the entire territory. For the confrontation, the independent powers are impoverished. The player will explore the environment, complete tasks and team up with other users to confront the enemy.

The passage begins in one of the states. The protagonist gains the ability to see past events – Echo. There are two large-scale confrontations at once – against the Garlean Empire, led by a general named Guy Van Belzar, and to keep the peace with the beastmen, whom he tries to destroy with the help of magic that attracts the second moon – Dalamud, the Legate of the Nael Van Darnus Empire. Scientist Louis Leveller, aided by a whole group of Circle of Trust, and mechanic Sid Garlond will begin to oppose them. The protagonist must find a dozen shrines to enlist the support of the Twelve Divine Creatures, who can help return the moon to its orbit.

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Size: 7.8GB. Execution: Complete last release

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