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Fighting Force game

Share: 1997
Developer: Core design

Operating system: 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7
Processor: P90
Graphic: Direct3D
Memory: 16MB
Execution: Complete final release

Fights and battles in combat force New features await you throughout the game, allowing you to test your reactions and skills in a classic fighting game. Players must take control of one of four available characters and take to the city streets to deal with criminal elements and fight their way to the top of the gang. The leader of the organization that is engaged in destroying the streets and disrupting the peaceful and safe life of ordinary citizens is a certain Zen. The main task of the protagonist is to get to the villain and put him behind bars.

The narrative in Fighting Force is revealed by progressing through alternating arcade levels designed in the form of different urban locations. The events take place in a fictional alternative world in which futuristic opponents attack the user in waves and you have to defend yourself with all available means. The game begins on the outskirts of the police command center around the gang leader’s high-rise building.

The player can choose from the following characters:

  • Hawk Manson. A powerful hand-to-hand fighter with a strong body and special martial arts skills.
  • Ben Jackson. A huge and powerful melee warrior who moves slowly and is able to hurl vehicles and heavy environmental objects at enemies.
  • Mace Daniels. A girl who is well versed in fighting techniques and focuses on skill and reaction speed in battle.
  • Alana McKendrick. A young girl who moves quickly and uses cunning to cleverly deceive her opponent.

Fighting Force Screenshots:

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Size: 411.4MB. Execution: Complete final release

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