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Evolution RTS game

Share: 2014
Developer: Ominous angel

Operating system: 7, 8, 10 (32/64-bit)
Processor: 3GHz dual core
Graphic: Nvidia GTX 1050
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 3GB
Execution: (Early Access) Latest version

Project Evolution RTS Developed on the Spring Engine and provides an open source with the ability to change the process or add modifications. The player controls a group of characters and builds a base by participating in battles and pumping wards. A savings and training system is used on your wards.

The user is given unprecedented control over units and military vehicles. Your competent leadership ensures victory in battles. Landscape helps you hide from your opponent’s attacks or attack unexpectedly from ambush. The player can move away from the terrain to observe a larger space. Builders are necessary for construction projects but have low health, causing them to die quickly. Once warriors reach cover, they become invisible until they act or are spotted by the enemy at close range.

Gameplay includes over 10 locations and difficulty levels. Scaling allows you to track epic battles and hundreds of units at once. Certain fighters have enhanced abilities. The Caretaker attacks the area with EMP and SHAR heals all nearby allies in a large radius. Players must mine two resources: metal and energy. Needed for building ammunition, powering shields, developing nuclear missiles, recruiting warriors, or building structures.

Evolution RTS screenshots:

Download Evolution RTS on PC for free

Size: 2.44GB. Execution: (Early Access) Latest version

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