Eurofighter Typhoon Download Free

Eurofighter Typhoon game

Share: 2001
Developer: Digital image design

Operating system: 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7
Processor: Pentium 266MHz
Graphic: 16MB
Memory: 32MB
Storage: 660MB
Execution: v1.2 [New Version]

Eurofighter Typhoon gives you the opportunity to fly with a European fighter of the same name. There are 6 pilots with different skills to choose from. Each pilot receives different missions. Tasks that they complete together. At such moments, the user is allowed to switch between aircraft (the rest is controlled by artificial intelligence).

The project is also known by several alternative names: Superhävitaja Taifuun, “Angle of Attack”, “Thunderer”. The title has a plot. The action of the military simulator takes place in an alternative reality where there was no collapse of the USSR. The plot begins with an attack by the Soviet Union on NATO in the early 21st century. The action takes place in Iceland, where European soldiers from various countries try to prevent an invasion.

The game exhibits partial non-linearity. The player is allowed to influence the fate of his protégés. Any pilot can be wounded or thrown unsuccessfully behind enemy lines. After landing, the pilot must wait to be rescued, but when the enemies find him, they capture him and interrogate him. There is a chance that the pilot can escape by stealing the enemy’s plane. There is also the possibility of death. If all six die, you will have to repeat the episode or start the campaign from the beginning. The product offers more arcade gameplay than other members of the genre. The Aviasim has a relatively low entry threshold and forgives the player mistakes and automates some processes of controlling the aircraft.

Screenshots of the Eurofighter Typhoon:

Download Eurofighter Typhoon for free on PC

Size: 513.4MB. Execution: v1.2 [New Version]

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