Dungeons of Tal’Doria

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Release: 2018
Developer: SuneX Games

Operating system: 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2.5 GHz
Graphics: 1 GB
Memory: 1 GB
Storage: 500 MB

Version: v1.0.0d | Early Access

Game Overview

Dungeons of Tal'Doria is not a simple survival and construction game, despite its cubic graphics. It's a mix of RPG and adventure, offering 3 classes to choose from: warrior, archer or magician. The game takes place in the endless world of Tal'Doria, created by the goddess Doria with the aim of harmonizing all beings. However, evil creatures have appeared and are wreaking havoc.

The map is divided into biomes, with randomly generated locations that can contain monsters and NPCs to chat and trade. The game features dungeons, bosses, and an upgrade system. Each starting specialization has a talent tree and characters are able to avoid hits by rolling, thus consuming stamina. Health and stamina gradually recover on their own.

As players clear the surface and dungeons of monsters, they can find loot and resources to craft items, including food and equipment. Local blacksmiths and artisans provide tips and advice, and the armor and weapons found are divided by color into different rarity types. The game's chests work differently from other titles, as they do not need to be opened, but attacked until treasures fall from them.

Gameplay screenshots

Game Features

  • Various Classes: In Dungeons of Tal'Doria, players can choose from three different classes: warrior, archer, or wizard. Each class has its own abilities and playstyle, allowing for diverse gameplay experiences.
  • Endless World: The game takes place in the endless world of Tal'Doria, created by the goddess Doria. Players can explore various biomes and encounter various creatures and NPCs as they embark on their adventures.
  • Randomly Generated Locations: The game's locations are randomly generated, providing a new and unpredictable experience with each playthrough. Players never know what they might encounter in the world of Tal'Doria.
  • Dungeons and Bosses: Players can challenge themselves by exploring dungeons and facing powerful bosses. These encounters provide exciting and challenging gaming opportunities for those seeking thrills.
  • Levels and Talent Trees: As players progress through the game, their chosen hero gradually gains levels and becomes stronger. Each class has a talent tree, allowing customization and specialization as players develop their characters.
  • Crafting and Resources: In addition to combat, players can collect resources and craft items, including food and equipment. The game features local blacksmiths and artisans who provide tips and advice for crafting, adding depth to the gameplay.
  • Rarity system: Armor and weapons found in the game are divided by color into different rarity types. This system adds an element of excitement and reward to players as they search for valuable and powerful gear.
  • Unique Chest Mechanics: Unlike other games, chests in Tal'Doria Dungeons do not need to be opened. Instead, players must attack them until the treasures drop, adding a unique twist to the looting mechanic.
  • Stamina and Health Management: Characters in the game are unable to block hits, but they can roll dice to escape attacks. This mechanic consumes stamina, which gradually restores itself, adding a strategic element to combat.
  • NPC Interactions: In addition to monsters, players can meet and interact with NPCs in the game. They can chat and interact with friendly characters, adding a social and immersive aspect to the gaming experience.

Download and Install Dungeons of Tal'Doria – Instructions for PC

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  4. Follow the steps in the game installer to download and install the game completely on your computer, absolutely free and at the fastest possible speed.

Size: 113 MB. Version: v 1.0.0d | Early Access

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