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Publication: 2018
Developer: Ben esposito

Operating system: 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E8400
Graphic: Radeon HD3870
Memory: 2GB
Storage: 500MB
Steam Ratings: Very positive (3,551) 87% of the 3,551 user ratings for this game are positive.
Execution: v1.1.0

An original story puzzle invites us to visit a simple town where raccoons have made a huge hole. IN Donut County Your task is to throw there as many items as possible that are intended for the task. As it turned out, at a depth of 300 meters, a friend of the protagonist – Mira – is locked with her friends. They need answers, food, and gadgets to get out.

As the plot tells from the beginning of the game, raccoons have spread a large number of these holes all over the earth to dump various garbage there. At first, cute animals wanted to take only what was not needed, but in the end they could throw friends, people, cars, houses and in general everything that was at hand there.

In a moment, a VK – a raccoon – will appear, ready to drag everything to his hole without hindrance and without a doubt for prizes and praise. As a result, the main character falls into a hole from which there is only one way to get out: to get out with the help of a self-made catapult. Now your task becomes: to save Mira, VK and all the things that were accidentally thrown there. However, the main problem appeared: all objects expanded the hole so much that it became gigantic.

Investigate other people’s houses, communicate with other characters, find out what they need from the surface of the earth to calmly exist in the hole. The more necessary items you can throw, the faster the plot will pass. Over time, you have the opportunity to craft things: from a pot and vegetables – soup, from car wheels and a bunch of boards – a full-fledged cart for transporting things.

A story driven puzzle game where you have to control raccoons controlling an ever widening abyss. Donut County is a fun yet challenging logic puzzle to solve while exploring your family. The real physics of the game will help you quickly master and understand the whole process of passing. You have to figure out how things fall into the hole and how to get more things. There are many cute characters around you who have different items. If you can negotiate with them, you’ll quickly make your hole bigger. Start with a simple spoon and end with huge houses!

As the game progresses you will gradually realize that this hole can suck you in! And it happens. Inside, at a depth of 999 pounds, you will see acquaintances there, their houses, cars, objects, and now your task will be the banal rescue. Move the hole to get out quickly, but remember that each object increases the size of the hole.

Any item that goes in can become part of the recipe. You can breed rabbits, cook soup, smash windows, start a car, open a gift box and much more.

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Size: 149.03MB. Execution: v1.1.0

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