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Disciple Liberation Game

Share: 2021
Developer: Company Studio

Operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-6402P
Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 4GB
Memory: 8GB
Storage: 8GB
Execution: v21102021 [New Version]

Liberation of the disciples – It is a tactical turn-based strategy with role-playing elements. In addition to the single player content, there is a multiplayer mode available online. On this pirate you can play with a friend over the network. The product itself is a continuation of the series, which consists of several parts and additions.

The title has a dark fantasy setting. Like its predecessors, the “Disciples Liberation” campaign takes place in Nevendaar. The product includes not only the ability to play for free online, but also a single-player campaign consisting of 3 acts and 270 quests, including story and side quests. A complete playthrough can take 80 hours. The focus of the main story is Avianna, who initially does not belong to any faction. And there are 4 of them: Legions of the Damned, Undead Hordes, Empire and Elven Clans. From now on you can keep creatures from different factions in your army. And in Ilyan you can now build these peoples’ buildings if you get the appropriate blueprints. You can even swap them out.

The girl is accompanied on her travels by 9 companions. The heroine is able to have affairs with men and girls and help other characters establish love relationships. The gameplay is as follows. The warrior moves around the map, collects resources, captures objects, rebuilds the city, hires troops, sells and buys goods, communicates (you can select lines in the dialogues and determine the character of the protagonist) and fights. The fights take place on separate arena maps. In battles, you can move your creatures around the field, give them attack orders, and use magic. A young woman also takes part in the battles. In battles, you spend red, blue, and yellow action points on various activities. There is a boost in heroes and equipment. The online game is a battle between two users. 50 device types available.

Screenshots from Disciples Liberation:

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Size: 6.43GB. Execution: v21102021 [New Version]

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