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Dire Vengeance game

Share: 2021
Developer: Magic Shot Games

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 1.2GHz
Graphic: Intel HD graphics
Memory: 1GB
Storage: 1GB
Execution: Complete final release

Terrible revenge tells the story of Pandora, who travels to the Dark Kingdom to eliminate an impending threat in the form of an army of demons. The main character eliminates monsters and collects soul spheres, allowing him to increase his own power, learn new skills and discover secret weapons. You will visit frozen deserts, caves, lava fields and other dangerous places.

The story begins with a group of cultists opening a portal to the Kingdom of Darkness, from where demonic forces immediately began to invade. They destroy cities and towns, kill civilians and cause many other problems. The player takes on the role of Pandora, a powerful warrior. It goes into the depths of hell to destroy the heart of the enemy army. In deep dungeons she obtains legendary weapons and encounters huge bosses.

The gameplay is presented as a two-dimensional platformer based on classic and old-school video games. The player must jump, duck and dodge while navigating an endless number of deadly traps. The Serpent Sword and ranged magical weapons will help you break through the aggressive inhabitants of the underground dimension. The walkthrough is linear and the loot is random. Secret passages and hidden equipment scattered throughout the kingdom.

Dire Vengeance screenshots:

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Dire Vengeance main logo

Size: 421.4MB. Execution: Complete final release

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