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Publication: 2018
Developer: BlizzardEntertainment

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (x64)
Processor: 4-core i5
Graphic: NVIDIA GeForce 970
Memory: 8GB
Storage: 25.1GB

Execution: v + Yuzu Emu

story Diablo 3 takes place in four acts. 20 years have passed since the events of Lord of Destruction. In the world of Sanctuary, few live to be 40 or insane. Of the old-timers, only Deckard Cain remained sane. Diablo 3 will complete the entire storyline of the trilogy.

Diablo 3 Classes:

  • Barbarian is a class that survived from the second part of the game. Possesses tremendous power, and instead of mana, uses rage, which he gains for damage dealt to the enemy.
  • The Wizard is a member of the Five Hills tribe. Can raise an army of the living dead and cast magic based on fire, cold, and physical damage.
  • The sorcerer is an analogue of the sorceress. A student of the “new school”. Can slow down time and destroy space. Uses the arcane power meter instead of mana.
  • The monk is a mix of Eastern European and Asian monks. Possesses the secrets of ancient martial arts.
  • Demon Hunters – People who survived the invasion of demons. They study in the Borderlands. Uses a variety of weapons, traps, and dark magic.

Each class has its own personal story. It is told during the passage of the story for a specific character. All heroes have six unique abilities, including a battle cry, auras, spells, etc. Modifications will become available to them over time. Three passive slots are added to the 30th level. The gameplay focuses on fighting monsters. After winning, they drop gold or things of different colors: grey, white and blue. Color directly affects the characteristics of an item. Money is needed not only to buy weapons or armor, but also to use the skills of a blacksmith and a jeweler. These abilities make it possible to create powerful and unique weapons. Pumping has been significantly abolished. As the level increases, the character’s traits increase. Scrolls can be identified by magic and portals can be used infinitely.

The story allows you to visit 4 major cities: New Tristram, Caldey, Bastion and Westmarsh. The terrain is randomly generated. Each area will have different monsters including common mobs, magic, rare and wild bosses. There are also four secret locations that can be accessed by fulfilling certain conditions: Wonderland, Developers’ Underworld, Treasury, and Cow Level.

Diablo 3 Screenshots:

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Diablo 3 logo

Size: 14.22GB. Execution: v + Yuzu Emu

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