Descent: Freespace Download Free

Publication: 1998
Developer: will

Operating system: XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processor: 1.4GHz
Graphic: 3D
Memory: 512MB
Storage: 1.5GB
Execution: v2.0.0.7 [New Version]

Descent: free space Transports the player to the year 2335. The events take place at a time when the Galactic Earth Alliance is in a military conflict with the Vasudan Parliamentary Empire. They have been waging a bitter war over territory and resources for around 14 years. But unexpectedly, the 3rd faction intervenes in the clash and tries to destroy the other two sides.

As a third party to the conflict, the Shivans possess an invulnerable flagship named “Lucifer” after their enemies. The combat mechanism threatens to destroy all opponents, putting lives at risk. For this reason, the Galactic Alliance and the Vasudan Empire form an alliance to fight a common enemy. Your opponent is superior in numbers and technology. The gameplay is presented as a space simulator. The user controls combat spaceships and travels through open areas, fighting enemies and interacting with allies.

Four factions in Descent: Freespace:

  • Humanity – has developed interstellar travel technology that allows you to explore new systems and worlds. Many colonies were established, leading to acquaintance and then conflict with the Vasudan.
  • The Vasudan are an alien race born on Vasuda Prime. Two-legged creatures have 3 evolved professions in their society: Scientists, Artists, and Philosophers. They try to imagine a story and a space where not only the living but also the dead live.
  • The Shivans are an aggressive xenophobic civilization. The creatures have hard black carapace and 5 limbs. Most of them are cyborgs, with dozens of machine parts combined with bio-organic parts.
  • Ancient – believed to have been wiped out 80 centuries ago. Their advanced technology allowed them to take over much of the galaxy, but the Shivans managed to wipe out their population.

Descent: Freespace Screenshots:

Download Descent: Freespace on PC for Free

Size: 831MB. Execution: v2.0.0.7 [New Version]

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