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Dead Meets Lead Game

Share: 2011
Developer: Keldyn Interactive

Operating system: XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processor: 2GHz – Dual Core
Graphic: 256MB
Memory: 2GB
Storage: 1GB
Execution: v1.0.2.0

Dead meets lead – is an adventure in a fictional alternative past where events take you back to the 18th century. The main character of the game is Captain El Mirando, who finds himself on an unknown island. Walking across the surface and exploring the areas, it becomes clear that the inhabitants are infected with an incomprehensible disease similar to the plague. The protagonist decides to understand the situation and try to save the residents. He gets into trouble and fights with monsters that have mutated into half-dead people.

The narrative in Dead Meets Lead revolves around the gradual completion of tasks and solving the mysteries of a mysterious island that has such a strong influence on people’s transformation. As you venture deep into this wilderness, you will often have to engage in combat with the walking dead and defend yourself with edged weapons or long-range firearms. You can choose from a wide range of equipment and weapons to better and more effectively deal with enemy crowds.

When exploring mysterious locations, players can expect the following:

  • Visit 16 levels and dilute the colors and environments with new biomes.
  • Fight against 11 types of enemies, namely the undead.
  • The ability to earn over 40 achievements by completing challenges or requirements along the way.
  • 7 types of weapons that a character can own and actively use in battle.

Dead Meets Lead Screenshots:

Download Dead Meets Lead on PC for free

Size: 268.5MB. Execution: v1.0.2.0

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