Cult of the Lamb

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Release: 2022
Developer: Massive Monster

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz
Graphics: GeForce GTX 650
Memory: 4 GB
Storage: 1 GB

Game version: + DLC – Cultist Edition

Game Overview

Cult of the Lamb is an adventure game with RPG elements in which the player is tasked with establishing their own cult in lands controlled by false prophets. The goal is to create a powerful community of followers and expand the influence of the player's religion to cover all regions.

The user plays a possessed lamb who is saved from death by a mysterious stranger. The savior demands tribute in the form of reliable followers, and the player must collect resources to construct various buildings, strengthen the faith of their subjects, deliver sermons, and perform dark rituals to earn the blessing of sinister gods. The game also involves exploring a randomly generated map, engaging in battles with cult enemies, and seizing power over local lands. To travel safely, the player must train a herd, perform mystical rituals, and unlock the secrets of 5 secret areas.

Gameplay screenshots

Game Features

  • Unique Cult Building Mechanic: In Cult of the Lamb, players will have the opportunity to build and expand their own cult, creating a powerful community of devoted followers. As the player spreads the word to the forest dwellers, they will gradually make forays into different regions to expand the influence of their religion.
  • RPG Elements: This adventure game incorporates RPG elements, allowing players to engage in various activities such as gathering resources, constructing buildings, and strengthening the faith of their subjects. Players will also have the opportunity to perform sermons and dark rituals to gain the blessing of sinister gods.
  • Randomly Generated Map: The game features a randomly generated map of the universe, providing players with a unique and unpredictable gaming experience. Players will have to explore the map, engage in battles with sectarian enemies and destroy leaders to establish their presence over different countries.
  • Train a Herd: To travel safely and unlock the secrets of 5 secret areas, players will need to train a herd of followers. This mechanic allows players to perform various mystical rituals and improve their abilities as they progress through the game.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Cult of the Lamb features strategic gameplay, in which players must carefully manage their resources, make tactical decisions, and overcome various challenges to expand their cult's influence and gain power in different regions.
  • Rich Storyline: The game features a rich and immersive storyline, immersing players in a world filled with mystery, adventure, and dark secrets. Players will discover the story of the protagonist, the mysterious stranger, and the false prophets as they progress through the game.
  • Beautiful Art Style: Cult of the Lamb has a beautiful and captivating art style, bringing the game world to life with stunning visuals and atmospheric environments. Players will be drawn into the game world with its visually appealing aesthetic.
  • Fearsome Enemies: Players will face fearsome cultist enemies and powerful leaders as they strive to establish their presence in different countries. The game features intense battles and strategic encounters that will test the player's skills and abilities.

Download and Install Cult of the Lamb – Instructions for PC

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Logo of the Worship of the Lamb

Size: 1.1 GB. Game version: + DLC – Cultist Edition

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