Cossacks 2 Anthology Download Free

Publication: 2005
Developer: GSC game world

Operating system: XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processor: 1.8GHz
Memory: 1GB
Storage: 4GB
Execution: v1.3 ( [New Version]

Cossack 2 – Continuation of the franchise, with many innovations and factions to control compared to the first part. The player can rule Egypt, Russia, Austria, Pythia, France and England. Gameplay is now more focused on realism and authentic components of the time. Resources can only be mined in the settlements or distant points from the capital.

Villages will be overrun, this requires killing all the guards and bringing troops to the main building to lure the checkpoint to your side. Farmers harvest wood and stone, and the other 4 types of resources (food, coal, gold and iron) are produced in the settlements. The army is increased as in the first part. The outcome of battles is affected not only by the size of the army, but also by the morale of your charges, shooting that requires long reload times, exhaustion, terrain and terrain.

Infantry types in Cossacks 2:

  • Musketeers are essential warriors because of their ability to attack from afar and at close range with a relatively low cost and content.
  • Grenadiers are a special type of musket-wielding soldier. Can lob grenades at structures or damage multiple nearby enemies with them at once.
  • Rangers – similar to snipers, have increased attack and shoot at greater distances.
  • Flag Bearer, Officer, and Drummer are units that boost morale and provide bonuses to nearby soldiers.
  • Cavalry – uses broadswords, sabers and spades or carbines, pistols and rifles as firearms.
  • Artillery – includes heavy and light cannons, as well as howitzers and horse-drawn forelocks to increase movement speed.

Cossacks 2 Anthology screenshots:

Download Cossacks 2 Anthology on PC for Free

Size: 5.26GB. Execution: v1.3 ( [New Version]

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