Corpse Party (2021)

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Corpse Party Game (2021)

Release: 2021
Developer: MAGES

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
Processor: AMD A8-7600 / Intel Core i3-2105
Graphics: AMD Radeon R7 Graphics / Intel HD Graphics 3000
Memory: 4 GB
Storage: 3 GB

Steam review:
Very positive

out of 130 reviews are positive.
Version: v 2021-10-19 [New Version]

Game Overview

Corpse Party (2021) is a terrifying journey into another reality, where the world is turned upside down in the strangest ways. The story follows a high school student, Ayumi Shinozaki, and her friends who perform a friendship ritual that goes wrong, leading to grisly events. They find themselves trapped in an alternate dimension surrounded by terrifying creatures and must find a way to escape.

Once in Corpse Party, players can expect pixel art that immerses them in a dark and dangerous adventure, spooky sound design, a role-playing component where every choice affects the story, and Challenging quests that require logical solutions and finding the right items.

The main task of the protagonist and other characters is to find a way out by exploring the strange and altered school locations with dark colors. They face difficult choices and non-linear situations that influence events or the ending, forcing them to think about their actions and expect the worst consequences. Heroes are able to move around the map and actively interact with objects in the environment to open passages to other locked areas.

Gameplay screenshots

Game Features

– Detailed pixel artwork that creates a dark, immersive atmosphere for players to explore and experience.
– Terrifying sound design that adds to the overall eerie and suspenseful ambiance of the game, especially in moments of danger and tension.
– Role-playing component that allows players to make choices that directly impact story progression and outcome, adding a layer of depth and personal investment to gameplay.
– Challenging quests that require logical thinking and problem-solving skills to navigate the game, including finding the right items to advance.
– Non-linear storytelling that presents players with difficult choices and situations, where their decisions influence the direction of the plot and ultimately determine the outcome of the game.
– Exploration of strange and altered school locations, depicted in dark colors to reinforce the unsettling and mysterious nature of the game world.
– Active interaction with environmental objects to unlock passages and access locked areas, adding an element of exploration and discovery to the gameplay experience.
– Suspenseful and unpredictable storytelling that keeps players engaged and on edge as they navigate the game's unsettling and dangerous world.
– Multiple endings based on choices made throughout the game, providing a sense of replayability and encouraging players to explore different paths and outcomes.
– Immersive, atmospheric gameplay that creates a sense of dread and unease, drawing players into the game's haunting and supernatural setting.

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Size: 2.13 GB. Version: v 2021-10-19 [New Version]

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