Combat Mission: Shock Force Download Free

Combat Mission: Shock Force game

Share: 2007
Developer: Battlefrontcom

Operating system: XP SP2/Vista/7
Processor: Pentium IV 2GHz
Graphic: DirectX 9.0c
Memory: 512MB
Storage: 1GB
Execution: v1.0 [New Version]

Frontline. middle East – A combat simulator whose events tell the story of a non-existent US military invasion of Syria. The main type of units are strikers, who are willing to sacrifice themselves to complete a mission for their nation. The action takes place in 2008 and the user takes part in a battle between US brigades and the Syrian army.

The gameplay is based on an improved version of the CMX2 engine. This helped recreate improved graphics and three-dimensional models of both terrain and characters with effects. Each unit received separate 3D animation, and the engine helped create dynamic lighting and believable sun and star positions. The process includes single-player campaigns and free-to-play modes that you can customize before launch. In the scenarios, forces are recruited from the main units of the US and Syrian armies. Soldiers use AK-47 assault rifles, assault vehicles and tanks.

Combat Mission: Shock Force features:

  • Soviet-Russian and NATO-made combat vehicles. There are 49 vehicle types.
  • Different scenarios with shooting in open areas, on city streets or in buildings.
  • The change of day and night as well as the realistic weather that affects visibility and other aspects.
  • Ability to call in artillery support or air strikes.
  • Most surrounding objects will be destroyed.

Combat Mission: Shock Force screenshots:

Download Combat Mission: Shock Force on PC for free

Size: 1.06GB. Execution: v1.0 [New Version]

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