Caverns of Evil

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Release: 2022
Developer: Jared Blackburn

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 (64 bit)
Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHz
Graphics: GeForce GTX 650
Memory: 8 GB
Storage: 2 GB

Game version: v 1.0 [New Version]

Game Overview

Caverns of Evil is a dark fantasy game in which players control a lone warrior. The protagonist must navigate unique and crumbling worlds to restore balance and defeat dangerous creatures. Players can use various weapons and a magical “black staff” to create spells. The game features randomly generated locations and content, and includes action-adventure and roguelike elements.

By exploring the fantastical universe of Caverns of Evil, players will be able to:

  • Embark on a long journey with gameplay mechanics reminiscent of a 90s first-person shooter.
  • Solve space puzzles, magical puzzles and traps along the way.
  • Complete quests, defeat enemies, and eliminate dark forces locations to acquire valuable character-boosting loot.
  • Use bladed weapons, long-range weapons and sorcery weapons in battle.
  • Interact with the environment by collecting interactive items from the inventory, such as ammo, armor, equipment and healing potions.

Gameplay screenshots

Game Features

  • Embark on a long journey with gameplay mechanics reminiscent of a 90s first-person shooter.
  • Facing space puzzles, magical puzzles and traps that will meet on the protagonist's path.
  • Complete quests by eliminating enemies on the map and eliminating dark force locations. Go out to acquire valuable, character-enhancing loot.
  • Use bladed weapons (swords, daggers), long-range weapons (crossbows, pistols) and sorcery weapons (black wand) in battle.
  • Interact with your environment by collecting interactive objects from your inventory. You will be able to find ammunition, armor, equipment and healing potions that restore your character's health.

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Size: 1.44 GB. Game version: v 1.0 [New Version]