Castle Strike Download Free

Publication: 2004
Developer: Related designs

Operating system: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Pentium III / Athlon 1000MHz
Graphic: 64MB
Memory: 256MB
Storage: 600MB
Execution: Version 1.21

castle strike – Real-time strategy game set in the Hundred Years War. You will take part in various battles and skirmishes and command one of three factions of medieval Europe: the Germans, the English or the French. The game mechanics allow you to build a castle, collect resources and train troops. Requires a devastating blow to the castle, destroying its walls and towers. You can build a village in your castle.

It is necessary to construct siege weapons in order to be able to storm the fortress more easily. A tutorial mini-campaign and three major scenarios for each faction are available. The plot tells the story of the ducal family von Rabenhorst. Castle Strike features 12 heroes. Everyone has their own unique skills and abilities. All sides of the conflict are individual buildings and units. In the castle you can hire farmhands. You have to repair buildings and extract resources.

Structures include barracks, forges, mason houses, lumberjacks, miners, etc. Money resource – gold. You can get it with taxes or by selling beer in the tavern. Squads have three types of racks: attacking, defensive, and marching. Soldiers can run or walk. Troops are divided into trackers, pikemen, knights, arquebusiers, archers, and crossbowmen. Also available as elite warriors, monks and lepers.

The siege weapons are wooden shield on wheels, siege tower, trebuchet, ballista, etc. Fighters gain experience which improves their skills. Average units have 4 progression levels and heroes have 8 levels. Each side of the conflict has a main weapon. The Germans fight with swords, the English with axes and the French with clubs.

Castle Strike Screenshots:

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Size: 572.5MB. Execution: Version 1.21

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