Broken Thorns: West Gate Download Free

Broken Thorns: West Gate game

Share: 2021
Developer: Stick Productions

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: 2.0GHz
Graphic: Intel HD 3000
Memory: 2GB
Storage: 1GB
Execution: Complete final release

Broken Thorns: West Gate stands out for its visual style. Graphics are reminiscent of drawings that have come to life. It is based on over 70 images. Map, enemies, objects and other objects were drawn first hand on paper. Indi Project has an open world. Locomotion is isometric. When talking to characters, the camera switches to the first person perspective and shows them in close-up.

The title can be attributed to the adventure games. Gameplay in Broken Thorns: West Gate is based on exploring the area, completing side quests, interacting with various creatures, and interacting with the environment. Sometimes the gameplay resembles a text quest. At such moments, the player receives a detailed description of the situation and is prompted to take further action. When speaking to non-humans, you can choose your lines. Most of the time, however, it is simply a matter of agreeing or disagreeing with the other person’s ideas. The hero has an inventory in which he places the items he finds. There are monsters that roam the locations and attack the protagonist, but directly address the player.

The story is about a stranger who came to Vestgetia from the cursed lands. He wanted to find peace and tranquility there, but found that the place had changed a lot. The once beautiful region began to die and eventually became home to ghosts, demons and evil spirits. It is now ruled by the evil liar. The story consists of 50 events. The story has multiple endings.

Broken Thorns: West Gate screenshots:

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Broken Thorns: West Gate main logo

Size: 797.6MB. Execution: Complete final release

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