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Download Bicycle Challage - Wasteland

Release: 2022
Developer: Hede

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Duo Core 3 GHz
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 450
Memory: 4 GB
Storage: 4 GB

Steam review:
Positive | 12-83% of 12 user reviews are positive.
Game version: v 1.0

Game Overview

Bicycle Challage – Wastelands is an extreme cycling simulator with first and third person views. The camera angle changes according to a script and the game is designed for single player only. The game features a single location, the abandoned port and the bottom of a dried-up river. Players can race against the clock through checkpoints, with an arrow at the top of the screen to avoid getting lost. The goal is to get from start to finish as quickly as possible, without missing checkpoints or attempting to perform any tricks.

The game has high difficulty due to the map landscape, requiring players to get used to the controls and change the camera through scripts. Players can control the extreme bike rider using W, A, S, D keys on the keyboard to increase and decrease speed, turn the bike left and right, and jump. The game is designed to be replayable, as players can learn the track and improve their skills with each attempt. For those who like a challenge, there are opportunities to achieve achievements and break records on the leaderboard.

Gameplay screenshots

Game Features

  • Unique Cycling Simulator: Bicycle Challenge – Wastelands offers a slightly unusual extreme cycling simulation experience, with first and third person views.
  • Single Player Mode: The game is designed for a single player only, allowing players to focus on their own performance without distractions.
  • Abandoned Harbor and Dry River: The game location includes an abandoned harbor and the bottom of a dried-up river, providing a unique and challenging environment for cycling.
  • Race Against the Clock: Players can take on the challenge of racing against the clock through checkpoints, with some distances between checkpoints being quite large.
  • Navigation aid: To prevent players from getting lost, there is an arrow at the top of the screen, as well as a timer and an indicator of markers passed.
  • Trick Performance: In addition to racing, players can also try to perform tricks while navigating difficult terrain, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.
  • High Difficulty and Replayability: The game offers a high level of difficulty due to the map landscape, requiring players to get used to the controls and changing cameras through scripts, leading to increased replayability.
  • Skill Improvement: Players can learn the track and improve their skills with each attempt, making it a rewarding experience as they strive for better performance.
  • Control Options: Extreme Biker is controlled by W, A, S, D on the keyboard, providing intuitive and responsive controls allowing players to navigate difficult terrain.
  • Achievements and Leaderboard: For those looking for an extra challenge, the game offers the opportunity to earn achievements and compete to break records on the leaderboard, adding an element of competition to the gameplay.

Download and install Bicycle Challage – Wastelands – Instructions for PC

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  2. The download page will need a password also included in the page itself. This is to ensure that our servers and links are not misused by third party networks aiming to spoil our visitors' experience. Simply copy and paste the password and the game installer will download.
  3. Double tap the game installer to start downloading the full and updated version of the game. It is designed to keep you updated with the latest possible updated version of the game, including the latest updates. official publisher update, bug fixes and additional game files that might be added later for an improved gaming experience.
  4. Follow the steps in the game installer to download and install the game completely on your computer, completely free and at the fastest possible speed.
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Size: 648.41 MB. Game version: v 1.0

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