6 reasons why 2018 is the best gaming year in the history of a generation

What is the best gaming year ever? The answer to this question seems difficult and not everyone will agree.

But for this “8th generation” generation, in my opinion, the best year for gaming is 2018 and I think many of you will agree with me, I hope.

Some might argue that the criteria for determining the best gaming year are the number of good games released in it, and while that sounds counterintuitive, the whole picture is not.


1. Lots of great games

As I mentioned above, for many, the best year for gaming is one in which we have seen the release of a bunch of great games, and while 2018 may rival other years in this generation, it has already provided a lineup of the best video games ever.

We have games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Monster Hunter: World, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Forza Horizon 4.

Even on the indie front, we’ve got a bunch of great games like Return of the Obra Dinn, Celeste, and Into the Breach.

The quantity and quality of games released in 2018 really make it the best year for gaming, especially with the awesome variety in the year’s game library.

2. Combined Play

It’s always been more beautiful and competitive to enjoy video games when it’s with our friends, but what if your friend doesn’t own a PlayStation 4? Before 2018, you could not help but convince him to buy the device.. but things don’t stay the same.

In 2018, Sony reversed its policy of cross-play with other devices such as the Xbox One and PC, after years of justifying its rejection of this idea.

For the first time in history, during the year 2018, Sony agreed to support cross-play with the rest of the platforms in the game Fortnite, followed by other games.

This step is very important for game lovers, as PlayStation 4 owners can now play with their friends who own other devices without problems with supported games.

3. Microsoft steps

On June 10, 2018, Microsoft announced the acquisition of several development studios, most notably Ninja Theory, developer of Devil May Cry and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

As a result of this acquisition, Hellblade 2 will be released exclusively on Xbox and PC.

This move was very important to generate enthusiasm within the gaming community, as some considered it the first real move from Microsoft to focus on games in competition with Sony rather than talking about the strength of the hardware.

The second step from Microsoft in 2018 is its announcement of the launch of all first-party games on the Game Pass service, which was launched only a year ago.

As a result, all Game Pass subscribers get free games like Forza and Gears upon launch, in addition to any future games from the acquired studios.

What makes these steps so influential in the game industry is the long-term plan behind these steps, which was clear in the statements of Microsoft Studios chief Matt Booty at the time.

Booty confirmed that Microsoft is interested in developing studios that include between 50-100 people and that they can create new games in a period of two to three years, which allows the company to provide useful content to value-pass subscribers.

This is what Microsoft wants to build an attractive service for all gamers around the world, making more and more players want to subscribe as a result of the renewed and growing library of games without having to spend more money on purchasing games.

Some may see that there is no clear impact of this move yet, but over the coming years and with Microsoft’s clear desire to collaborate with new studios, we may remember 2018 as the beginning of the road.

4. Epic Store


The Epic Games store was officially launched in 2018 as a result of the huge success of Fortnite and its reflection on the company that owns the game Epic Games.

Why would this make 2018 the best year? Beginning with PC gamers, they have for the first time a powerful alternative to Steam, which has dominated digital sales of PC games for many years.

We also started seeing more meaningful discounts or offers after the launch of Epic Games, including the store offering some powerful free games from time to time.

After the launch of Epic Games, Steam had to make some huge changes to its platform, and this can’t be considered a coincidence, one of these changes was the reliance on a new system of events to see how games moved from individual versions to long-term services.

And in just one year, the threat of Epic Games forced Valve, the owner of the Steam store, to change some of its policies, especially since this threat cannot be tolerated as a result of the parent company “Epic Games” having insane amounts of cash at its disposal.

As for the content makers, the store enabled them to earn money through the Creator Support Program, during which game content makers get a monetary amount for any purchase using the program links.

The most impactful point of the store launch was for the game developers themselves, the Epic Store offers the largest revenue by far among all the other stores, with developers getting 88% of the total revenue from their game, while most stores offer only 70%.

In any case, the main beneficiaries of this competition between merchants, in the end, are the players on the PC platform.

5. The beginning of the war on loot boxes

I think the loot box is the worst idea ever in gaming history, and the gaming community has been fighting this idea for years to no real benefit.

But in 2018, the real change began, or what could be considered the beginning of the war on loot boxes, after great controversy and accelerated events that put the defenders of this idea in great embarrassment.

EA, which some consider the most exploitative of this point, was forced in March 2018 to make some adjustments that reduce the payments for these funds and make them as small as possible.

This step opened fire on the company, which prompted it, after only one month, to completely withdraw from this matter, and even to make changes in the company’s executive management, according to what was stated the company’s official, Patrick Soderlund, who confirmed that the controversy over the loot funds had a negative impact on the company, forcing it to. To make the decision to abandon her in her next games.

In November 2018, the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) urged companies to take action on loot funds before governments step in to regulate them.

The war on loot funds has already reached the governments, and some of them have begun to take measures to force companies to change their policy in this regard.

For example, in 2018, South Korea, through the Trade Commission, began overseeing consumer cases related to looting boxes, and in April of the same year, the committee issued a fine of $875,000 thousand against Nexon for its deceptive practices using loot boxes in the game Sudden Attack.

Many European countries in the same year issued directives through the relevant governing bodies to consider loot boxes as one of the types of gambling, including Belgium, Britain, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and France.

As a result of increased criticism and government regulation, some game companies 2018 began removing or replacing loot boxes in their games. Shadow of War developers, for example, released a game update that removed all loot boxes.

Phoenix Labs chose to remove the loot boxes from Dauntless and instead relied on a system that allows the ability to purchase customization items that players want directly.

I know that this problem is not completely over, but the beginning of the strict measures toward the loot funds actually started in 2018 and its positive impact of it continues to this day.

6. God of war

You may be surprised that I did not mention God of war when talking about the great games of 2018, in fact, this game alone is enough reason for 2018 to be the best year for games during this generation.

God of war cannot be considered the next step in the series but the next step in the entire gaming industry, the stunning graphics level, the deep and accurate combat system and the exciting exploration, make the game an epic experience that every gamer should try some day.

But the fact that I always praise this game is not just its quality as a game but the passion of the Santa Monica studio led by Cory Barlog, who is setting an example within the industry.

At a time when the games industry has become focused on multiplayer games, in-game payments, sales forecasts, huge gaming budgets, or just keeping pace with current reality, Barlog has proven that there is still a place for artists to put their hearts into their work, and I think we need such a model from time to time. To remind us of that and that a person can do what he believes in without considering other considerations.


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