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Aron's adventure game

Share: 2021
Developer: Tim van Kan

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: I5 – 2500
Graphic: GTX 970
Memory: 8GB
Storage: 15GB
Steam reviews:
Mostly positive: 76% of the 118 reviews were positive.
Execution: v1.3.31 (51136) [New Version]

Aron’s adventures – a role-playing adventure set in the fictional world of Elora. Evil has risen again in the magical lands. The fate of the fantastic planet lies in the hands of the protagonist Aron. It must unite all factions in the fight against enemies. Little by little he learns to use his own abilities.

While watching, the third-person character must travel across vast areas, fight enemies, and level up the mentee. Along the way, Aron gets to know new magic schools and improves his skills. The fate of the country lies in the hands of the protagonist. An ancient spirit accompanies him and helps him channel his abilities and overcome obstacles. In battle, the character uses a bow and a cold weapon.

The player chooses his tactics in confrontations and how exactly he kills his opponents. The bow helps destroy enemies from a distance. Allows you to enchant, teleport, shoot or explode arrows. The shield helps block enemies’ blows. The guard will use double blades, two-handed swords and heavy swords. Advanced equipment deals powerful damage, but is more difficult to control. The stronger Aron becomes, the easier it is for him to control his weapon.

Screenshots from Aron’s Adventure:

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Size: 5.87GB. Execution: v1.3.31 (51136) [New Version]

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