Amnesiac Adventurer Download Free

Publication: 2022
Developer: RoundTable Games Studio

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core Duo
Graphic: Intel HD5000
Memory: 1GB
Storage: 200MB
Game version: Complete last release

Amnesiac Adventurer plays around with the amnesia plot cliché. In this game, the protagonist does not lose his memories at the beginning of his adventures, but at the end of them. He does not lose his memory completely, only partially. Information about past events is jumbled in his head. The adventurer must reconstruct cause-effect relationships. He needs to understand what happened to him in the past and recreate the whole picture in his mind. The story itself is not linear. It is served by scenes with dialogues and monologues. The story campaign consists of 25 levels. All of them were created by hand. This is a two-dimensional puzzle game with drawn graphics.

Amnesiac Adventurer differs from other projects in that you have to pass it backwards. The hero can walk in four directions, interact with the environment and undo his last action. Items can be used within a level. Carrying things to the next location is not allowed. The character ends up at the end of the map every time. Then it moves backwards. To pass a stage, you need to logically understand what happened in it, and then recreate it. For example: go to the deactivated trap, pick up the destroyed shield, take it to the chest and go to the starting point. If the events are then played out in chronological order, the warrior loots the item, shields himself from the spikes and loses it, and then proceeds to the exit. However, it is not necessary to act perfectly. If the player makes a mistake anywhere, they will not be forced to play the episode again. Instead, his or her actions will affect the narrative or even the ending.

Amnesiac Adventurer Screenshots:

Download Amnesiac Adventurer on PC for Free

Amnesiac adventurer logo

Size: 95.10MB. Game version: Complete last release

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