Alienautics Download Free

Publication: 2019
Developer: Imran Arafat

Operating system: windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3-2100
Graphic: AMD Radeon HD470
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 7GB
Execution: Complete last release

alien nautical – Is a shooter with camouflage. Third-person view is used. The user controls a cybernetic super soldier. The character can shoot, throw grenades, fight in close combat, run, roll, hide behind objects and jump. A lot of attention is paid to jumping as it has platforming elements.

The game has a sci-fi setting. The story begins with a group of pirates calling themselves Octylian attacking the mothership of the Alienautics space force. Only one crew member, Agent 33, survives. A survivor goes to the planet Luminous Prime to get revenge on the aliens. He wants to destroy their base, which is located in the volcanic area.

Mostly you have to shoot the aliens with energy and throwing weapons. The emphasis in shootouts is on tactics. Enemies themselves also make extensive use of shelters. Battles are diluted with platforming moments where you have to jump over various obstacles. There are also puzzle-solving episodes. Sometimes you will be asked to find the keys to continue. There are also boss fights. The game involves blood, violence and dismemberment. Game progress is saved on checkpoints. If killed, the protagonist will be revived at the next checkpoint.

Alienautik Screenshots:

Download Alienautics on PC for Free

Alienautics main logo

Size: 3.7GB. Execution: Complete last release

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