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Share: 2010
Developer: CITY Interactive

Operating system: XP/Vista
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz or similar Athlon XP
Graphic: 256MB, DirectX 9.0c compatible
Memory: 1GB
Execution: Complete last release

Alcatraz Is a first-person shooter where the game takes place in a prison of the same name on an island. If you thirst for bloodshed and love fighting off crowds of enemies, then this game is definitely for you.

The game’s plot tells us that the former US Army general is procuring missiles that he intends to use against the civilian population. He conquers Alcatraz and makes it his villain’s headquarters. The main character is an experienced soldier who is also a student of this general, so knows his character, weaknesses and behavior like no other. The command decides to send you on a combat mission to eliminate the general alone and land on the conquered island.

Several hours of gameplay are available for the player to enjoy the abundance of enemy soldiers, explosions and boss fights. You have 5 different types of weapons in your arsenal such as: pistol, sniper rifle, AK and others. The game’s passage consists of a constant struggle with the hordes of soldiers sent by the general to defend the base. They don’t shine with intelligence, so don’t pose any particular threat unless you’re surrounded by them.

Shooting in the game has a rather mediocre performance, since the weapons do not differ much from each other, there is practically no recoil, and the sounds of shooting are implausible, which negatively affects the feeling of shooting and weapons in general. In addition to crowds of enemy soldiers, their fortified representatives are sometimes waiting for you. They differ only in that they wear a bulletproof vest that can be pierced with an ordinary clip. In the end, a long and non-trivial battle with the invading general awaits us.

In general, the game turned out to be quite playable, the graphics leave a lot to be desired, but you can play it, since you practically don’t have to think about it, just shoot and run to the end of the level.

Alcatraz Screenshots:

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Alcatraz logo

Size: 329.11MB. Execution: Complete last release

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