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Airfix Dogfighter Game

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Developer: Paradoxical entertainment

Execution: Complete final release

В Airfix Dogfighter Users are invited to take part in air battles with plastic model aircraft. These are toy analogues of objects that took part in the battles of the Second World War. In addition, the user can choose a pilot for one or another unit before the start of the next battle. Immediately after this action and choosing the call sign, you can proceed to the main part of the gameplay.

Since Airfix Dogfighter uses toy airplanes, the main setting is a child’s room where the flight begins. The runway, military equipment and adjacent buildings are also toy analogues, and as you gain height you can accidentally bump into the ceiling, walls or a closet in front of the door. You can then leave the room and fly throughout the house, exploring various fragments of the terrain. Using the aircraft’s armament (usually a machine gun), you can inflict damage on foreign objects and even destroy some of them. For example, you can break a vase from which a bonus symbol falls. Enemy units include tanks, warships and even submarines. They will all actively try to destroy the user, who in turn will have to dodge attacks by shooting at them from a height. In addition to the bonus symbols already mentioned, you will also find stars, the number of which directly affects the final result in the level. After completing a mission, the system collects statistics so that the player can go back if necessary and try to improve their performance.

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Size: 61.5MB. Execution: Complete final release

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