Agatha Christie: And No One Was Download Free

Publication: 2005
Developer: AWE games

Operating system: 2000 / XP
Processor: Intel Pentium III 800MHz
Graphic: 32MB DirectX 9.0c
Memory: 128MB
Execution: Complete last release

Agatha Christie: And no one was Is an adventure game based on the novel. Despite this, the game differs greatly from the novel. This is a third-person quest in which the player’s main task is to communicate with the supporting characters, collect, combine and study objects in the levels. You also have to write important things from books in your personal diary and solve puzzles.

Take control of Narracott and explore the world. Hover the cursor over the monitor, and as soon as an arrow appears on it, it means that the hero can go there. If you see a gear hovering over objects on the cursor, you can pick it up and examine it.

The game world is created in a 2.5D world and the storyline is divided into 10 chapters. Each episode is dedicated to the death of one of the heroes. Also, the player will have cinematic scenes at the beginning and end of each story. To move to the new part, the user needs to run triggers, some key actions. For example, chat with specific characters, create an object, etc.

The gameplay contains a detective genre, which means that the player interrogates characters and searches for evidence, investigates murders or other crimes. In the game, Patrick Narracott meets with Dr. Edward, Detective William, teacher Vera Elizabeth, adventurer Philip, Judge Lawrence and other characters each chapter is dedicated to.

Depending on the player’s choices, the storyline features 1 of 4 endings:

  • 1 – The protagonist, adventurer and teacher are saved.
  • 2 – Only Narracott and Lombard will survive.
  • 3 – Vera and Patrick are rescued
  • 4 – Only Narracott and his brother will survive, who have to flee the country.

Agatha Christie: And there was nobody Screenshots:

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Size: 1.21GB. Execution: Complete last release

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