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Publication: 2005
Developer: GlyphX games

Operating system: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz / AMD Athlon 64 2000+
Graphic: 3D
Memory: 256MB
Execution: Complete last release

get up in advent is a third-person action-adventure space fiction genre that tells the story of Gideon White, who accompanies the embassy of humans to a meeting with an extraterrestrial race. The game has no hardware requirements, it can be run on not the most powerful devices, and the Unreal Engine 2.0 provides good details of the environment.

Upon contact with the Aurelins, one of the species of extraterrestrials, humanity learns that according to extraterrestrial legends, they look like deities. But like all gods, they have enemies who want to get rid of all life on planet Earth quickly. This is the Hunter race. The space station where the meeting of the Aurelins and the human representatives took place is attacked by the Hunter squad. Here begins a large-scale conflict.

Gideon arrives on the planet Edumea in an escape pod and is sent to help the Marines fight the Hunters. This is where the gameplay part of the passage begins. It’s the destruction of huge hordes of enemies that will appear from everywhere.

First, destruction must be by firearms. Somewhere midway through the passage, Gideon learns that he has superpowers and begins developing them through training with a friendly alien race. In addition to fights with opponents outnumbered, there are short missions with jeep rides that dilute the action parts.

Characters found in the plot:

  • Gideon White – protagonist trained as a military pilot.
  • Olivia Jones is the protagonist’s fiancée and also a key scientist on Luria Station.
  • Meryl Steele – Pilot who rose to fame during the Revolutionary War.
  • Kelem Farwaters – Member of the Level Nine Religious Sect.
  • Ethan White – Gideon’s older brother, has the role of a pilot for ambassadors.

Advent Rising screenshots:

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Advent Rising logo

Size: 3.94GB. Execution: Complete last release

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