A Long Journey to an Uncertain End Download Free

A long journey to an uncertain endgame

Share: 2022
Developer: Crisply creative

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: Dual-core 2.5 GHz or equivalent
Graphic: 1GB VRAM/AMD HD5750
Memory: 4GB
Storage: 2GB
Execution: from November 5th, 2021

A long journey with an uncertain end – is an atmospheric journey through the vastness of the galaxy, where the focus is on interesting and entertaining events with the characters of the game. The user will immerse himself in an epic narrative space opera, where he will have to observe charismatic characters and take part in cool adventures from which the main characters will have to emerge. The protagonists become mercenaries who complete various missions in order to survive and purchase necessary items. As the helmsman of a spaceship, you must visit alien planets and complete dangerous tasks assigned to you by your employers.

Once you find yourself on a long journey to an uncertain end, you need to assign tasks to the team based on their condition and capabilities. Each of the characters has their own story that will unfold over the course of the journey. Embark on dangerous adventures to complete interesting missions and get great rewards. Equipped with the necessary resources, players can upgrade and improve their vehicle, increasing their effectiveness when traveling or exploring the vast expanses of open space.

When arriving on unusual planets, users face the challenge:

  • Explore the terrain and alien surface of the surrounding area.
  • Explore a seemingly inaccessible environment to find valuable items and materials.
  • Build team relationships that appeal to every subordinate.
  • Complete small quests that reveal details and the lore of the universe.

Screenshots of “A Long Journey to an Uncertain End”:

Download A Long Journey to an Uncertain End on PC for free

A long journey to an uncertain end – main logo

Size: 331.10MB. Execution: from November 5th, 2021

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