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A weak saga game

Share: 2019
Developer: Ayrik

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64bit)
Processor: Intel Core i3
Graphic: Any graphics card with SM 4.0, DirectX 10
Memory: 6GB
Storage: 4.5GB
Steam reviews:
Mostly positive 78% of 42 reviews, positive.
Execution: v Build 5195884 | Early access [New Version]

A measured journey in A weak saga allows you to immerse yourself in a fantasy world full of secrets and mysteries. The protagonist is a novice adventurer looking for adventure and difficult challenges to find ancient values ​​and artifacts. The protagonist arrives in a remote village where predators and a dark force roam the area, gathering their forces to attack. The user can explore the areas for free, complete villager tasks and help overcome the difficulties of life in the local community.

The hero who went to A Feeble Saga to explore the surroundings must:

  • Hunt mysterious creatures, participate in deadly battles and search for hidden treasures.
  • Move through dark, ancient ruins and delve deeper into dungeons.
  • Fight wild animals and people who are aggressive towards the protagonist.
  • Improve skills and powers, gain new experience through combat contact or completing quests.
  • Outsmart fierce enemies that are difficult to defeat in open combat by bypassing the guards’ secret passages or using special abilities.
  • Unlock more and better equipment representing different weapons and armor types that improve the character’s defensive properties.
  • Interact with citizens to learn details about current events and take on side missions.

Screenshots from A Feeble Saga:

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A weak Saga main logo

Size: 4.31GB. Execution: v Build 5195884 | Early access [New Version]

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