South Sudan Unite 29th June -1st July Phoenix, Arizona

South Sudan Unite 29th June -1st July Phoenix, Arizona

We will be at South Sudan UniteĀ on June 29th in Phoenix. where will give tips on how South Sudanese can get into the gaming industry and how you can create games for social good.

South Sudan Unite is a celebration of our unique and evolving culture. It is both an
event and an initiative. As an event, it is an annual gathering of our people in the spirit

of peace and unity, in which we celebrate each other. As an initiative, it is a community-
building effort focused on mobilizing our diaspora in solidarity, it is focused on our youth

so that we may overcome our divide together and realize our potential as a people.

To create unity amongst South Sudanese in diaspora and at home whilst celebrating
our unique culture(s) through arts, fashion, professional development, mentorship and
community development initiatives.