I have seen the cry of South Sudanese youths calling for Peace: Emmanuel Lobijo Justine

Congratulation for winning this year’s International Peace Day 2017. Your participation has added to the weaponry of the peace corps in different parts of the globe. You have also been nominated as our Peace Ambassador 2017/18

Qn. Please tell me how you got to know about this peace campaign?
Ans.i do browser and check the page and website of junub games often, then came across the the post of which i take the opportunity to let my voice for peace to be heart by the world and as a Peace activists who wish to see prosperity in my beautiful motherland South Sudan, i take the stand to Preach Peace and let the world hear the Voice of the youths who are working tirelessly for Peace, it was really amazing and am very much excited when i came across the post and i followed the instructions then i send my message
Qn. What inspired you to participate in it.:
Ans. it was a global celebration of the UN international Peace day, of which youths all around the world are shouting for Peace, We the youths are the one fighting and mostly are the one who are involved in most of the conflict around the world, am bleeding inside my heart to see my fellow youths fighting, hating and ignoring one another, I take the lead to stand an share my massage of Peace of which am “Calling for the Youths all around to unite in an efforts to bring all wars to an end and pursuit everlasting Peace” its our duty to Restore permanent peace back home South Sudan, we all the youths need to be the change we want to see in this Great Nation South Sudan, and it starts with me and Now.
Qn. Do you feel this campaign had any impact on you and those around?
Ans. It greatly has an impact, I have seen the hearts the youths has for Peace, I have seen the cry of the South Sudanese youths calling for Peace and I have seen how most of the youths have change from posting hate speech online that incite violence to the offline communities most special those living in diaspora have change into posting Peace message, and the messages have reach a number of People around the world that shows the love of the youths for Peace. Of which I would like the messages to be translated into different South Sudanese Unique languages to reach the grassroots as well
Qn. Did your participation impact the youth around you? Tell us how?

Ans. Yeah it has, on the same 21st during the international Peace day I was able to pass the same message to over four thousand youths in Imotong state in Torit, and am we are able to share great messages of peace together with the people in the community and the massage was able to be shared in a radio stations in Torit.

Qns. As a nominee what do you feel can be done to achieve long lasting peace?

Ans. Share your deep convictions with us. I as a Peace Activist and social Entrepreneur am very much happy and would like such activities to continue happening often, and as Social entrepreneur am aiming to inspire and empower youths to become job creators to bridge the gap of unemployment and bring sustainable peace and Development, looking at ways of Innovation in bringing Peace of which so far have train a number of youths and the collaboration among different south Sudanese youths working together towards achieving one main goal Peace.

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