Interviewing Yar: the award winner JG & Sohope peace ambassador 2017/18

Makuac Duor is the overall winner of games for peace award 2017 in commemorating the international peace day 21st September. Yar Ayang had the best well articulated peace message. She is eligible becoming the Junub games and Sohope Peace Ambassador 2017/18. below is a quick interview with Yar and interviewed by Director Sohope, Olong Franko.

Tell us how you got to know about the International Peace Day Award.

Ans. Oh I got to know about it when I joined Junub Games online community that is where I got to know about it, being a peace mission n I loving peace kept me on Junub games page daily n I got the post of the international peace day award

Qn. Tell me what inspired you to join and participate

Ans. Well I was inspired when I saw it as a tool to create awareness n unity amongst South Sudanese an me knowing that peace promotion in South Sudan is everyone’s role including me gave me the courage and a go ahead to participate in writing peace messages to my fellow citizens South Sudanese 

Qn. How do you feel it is everyone’s role?

Ans. well all of us in South Sudan are being affected by wars, conflicts and Inflation, so to dissolve all this calls for individual’s contribution in creating a good co-existence and harmony for example I personally can write a peace message other youth can play games to bring youth together and our political leaders should create a memorandum of understanding among themselves n if everyone plays his or her part then we can all make it a peaceful country our South Sudan like other countries

Qn. tell us how you feel this campaign has had a positive impact among the youth around you?

Ans. Wow nice question, I really appreciate the whole idea of the campaign because it has created a spirit of patriotism among South Sudanese youth in that most of them felt the need to participate by seeing their fellows participating and the positivity in them is that they were able to appreciate the action being taken to promote peace and unity in South Sudan and most of them started participating by sending their messages n sharing n commenting on the peace messages sent. This implies that they liked the whole idea by responding positively towards it.

Qn. Do you have any personal examples of these youth that you received or heard participating locally?Secondly, how do you feel this has impacted you?

Ans. Yes there are this youths around me here in Kampala like Akuol Abijok Deng, Dout Ajang Thuch ,Kuol nuer de Michael among others who participated verbally like Mabior Michael George who ended up sending a message to the junub game community. I feel the impacted me when most of them started contacting me to know what the international peace day award was all about and what junub games for peace mission is so I feel I have influenced them positively

Qn. What convictions to you hold strongly on women role in peace locally and globally?

Ans. wow the conviction is that, having known women r more than men n they having low education standards n exposed to domestic violence and inferiority they will greatly take what it needs n do what it takes to bring peace n most of them r widows who have lost their husbands to wars they will even give their lives to create freedom for their children. Educate the girl child educate the nation n involve women in peace activation, create peace upon the nation therefore hold the hands of women to bring peace to our country

Qn. how do you feel winning peace messages award and becoming and a peace ambassador?

Ans. Wow that’s really great being on the wining team it’s my pleasure can’t wait to do more on peace building.

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  • Great interview Olong, I quite like the part that involves women and young ladies in particular. Men have dominated the political realms in South Sudan. We need to encourage more women to participate in this peaceful initiative because the power of women is greater than that of a man since they are the one who build a home which then reflected in a great community. Thanks

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