My dream is to be a peacemaker and am doing it now: Makuac Dhuor the overall winner #G4PA2017

Makuac Dhuor is the overall winner of games for peace award 2017 in commemorating the international peace day 21st September. Makuac has the most shared, likes and commented message of the day. he is eligible to winning an android smart phone and becoming the Junub games and Sohope Peace Ambassador 2017/18. below is a quick interview with makuac and interviewed by Director Sohope, Olong Franko.

Thank you for participating. You made the peace campaign a reality and we’re glad and proud of your efforts.

Ans. Okay, nice to meet you and am so grateful for being nominated as the winner of games for peace award 2017. I promise to do more. My dream is to be a peacemaker and am doing it now, I truly appreciate Junub games, Sohope and screen of rights, for creating peaceful group and platform for South Sudanese peace lovers to participate. Makuac says.

Qn. can you tell us what made u participate and why do you think your peace message will help the youth?

Ans. For the last three years, our youth have been so active on social media spreading hate speeches but as soon as Sohope, Screen of rights  in partnership with Junub games came up with idea of participating in the peacebuilding process through sending peace messages,  I realized that those who were spreading hate speeches abandoned their work and joined the peacemaking process through Sohope, Screens of rights and junub games and am sure their stance is peace,  no more going back to spread hate speeches that’s what gave me hope for peace in my country.

Qn. Makuac Dhuor you speak with such deep conviction. Okay, let us know something you mean youth around you have aggressively embraced the idea of sending peace messages to themselves. Give us a picture on the ground, please.

Ans. Screenshots:

Oh sure youth around me have so very much embraced the idea. I was so grateful seeing south Sudanese youth around the globe writing in such a peaceful way for the first time and that’s the best picture I can give you for now.

Qn. How did you get to know about the International Peace Day Award?

I got the information through “Junub Games” Facebook page

Lual Mayen the founder of Junub Games give great thanks to screens of rights and Sohope for making this great campaign happens. ”True Peace is Built over time and youth are very vital in Peace Building”

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